Major website update for Dazzle Studio brings rewards

Dazzle Studio Website Update

Dazzle Studio has been a client of Gillespie's for 2 years, but we've only ever looked after the maintenance of their old website. That was until recently, when we decided that a major website and image revamp would boost business.

Dazzle Studio operate in an industry that is made up of a massive number of small businesses, all offering roughly the same service at roughly the same price. It is therefore extremely important that they present their business in the best possible light to potential customers.

The old website was starting to look a bit tired and dated, and with a large part of their customer demographic under 40 years of age, this had the potential to damage business.

Gillespie's delivered a modern looking, responsive Drupal website which now presents a much cleaner and modern image and performs across all mobile devices. A logo update and a complete rewrite of the site content completed a transformation which instantly helped to boost bookings and enquiries.

Marie Cooksey, owner of Dazzle Studio said - "I was anxious about commiting to a change, but now that it's done I wish we'd done it sooner. There has been an immediate increase in bookings which means the new website is going to pay for itself in a matter of weeks."

With the majority of website visitors coming through paid advertising, it is important for Dazzle to maximise that marketing investment, and so we also tweaked their Google Adwords campaign to make sure that every click counts. There is now a much higher convserion rate of clicks to customers, meaning that shortly Dazzle Studio will be able to reduce their spend on marketing whilst maintaining their desired level of new business.

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