Success spawns new website for Cordwallis

Cordwallis Used Van Website

Cordwallis Group has been a client of Gillespies for many years, and we've just developed and launched a brand new website which promotes the used van side of their business. This new website comes off the back of a successful Used Van section on their main group website, which drove enough sales growth to persuade Cordwallis that they needed a dedicated website.

Boasting a clean and clear design, plus a host of clever tricks and features, this new website is a cut above the competition. Searching, comparing and making enquiries are all streamlined tasks, and with the site eventually displaying hundreds of top quality used vans, these are important features that need to be performed well.

A unique feature of this project is the utilisation of 'geo-domains' for better search engine optimisation. This means that the website is available under 4 separate domains (cordwallisusedvans, usedvansberkshire, usedvansbuckinghamshire, usedvansoxford) with the content management system intelligently showing information relevant to each location. Whereas Google would normally punish you for having too many domains pointing at one website, this system means we can have almost limitless domains and benefit from the power of using a location name as part of the url.

We have high hopes for this website becoming a major player in the region, and building this side of the Cordwallis business.

Visit the Cordwallis Used Vans website