Website Customer Chat Tool

Including a chat tool on your website is a great way to open that communication channel

Communicating with your customers is always important, but providing a means of instant communication at the point where a customer needs information is vital.

Including a chat tool on your website is a great way to open that communication channel, and it provides an instant and familiar way for your customers to ask questions and provide feedback.

Many people still like to use the telephone when they want information or when they want to buy something, but in recent times we also rely heavily on email, messaging, forums and forms.


Having a chat facility on your website has many advantages over other forms of website communication:

  • It's instant - giving information when and where it is required
  • It's real-time - you can conduct a conversation with your customers
  • It's accessible - your customers know you are there and want to be contacted
  • It's unobtrusive - when you're not there to answer questions, you're customers can simply leave a message

Speaking to your customers can give you the edge

Many visitors to your website will be potential customers who are browsing various sites (including those of your competitors) looking to make a purchasing decision. The chances are that they don't have all the information they require to make that decision, and they perhaps aren't knowledgable enough about the product or service required either.

A chat tool is available on every page of your site and it lets your customers know that you are available to answer any questions they might have. This kind of accessibility could be enough to encourage them to make contact, giving you the edge over your competitors' website and hopefully winning you the business.

Be available for your customers anywhere, anytime

A chat tool can be turned into a simple callback request form when you're not available, but it can also send alerts to your email inbox or your mobile phone, meaning you can make yourself available almost all of the time. This is the kind of service that previously only large companies could offer, but now you can offer your customers advice and support wherever you are, night or day.

Best of all, if you buy a website from Gillespies we can get you chatting with your customers at no extra cost.