Website Copywriting Service

Trusting someone else to write about your business is not an easy thing to do

To have a truly effective website you need to have well written copy.

The wording of a website needs to be well structured, informative and concise for your customers, but also formatted in a way that search engines such as Google can easily determine the subject matter and then rank your pages by relevance to that subject matter.

Trusting someone else to write about your business is not an easy thing to do, therefore many business owners set about the task themselves. This can have varying levels of success, but usually it ends badly, often with copy that is informative, but neither customer nor search engine friendly.

It goes without saying that spelling and grammer are important when writing any promotional material for your business. Just one error in a whole website can be enough to take the edge off the professional impression you want to give, and because writing good copy is a time consuming business (and business owners don't have much time!) mistakes can easily be made.

Benefit from an experienced hand

I've been writing website copy for many years, and I currently undertake almost all of the writing for my clients' websites. I know what your cutomers want to read and what search engines are looking for. My clients like the fact that they can trust me to write effective, error free copy on whatever subject they require, and they also really like the fact that they don't have to do it themselves.

One of the main benefits of having someone else write your copy (especially when part of a maintenance package) is that your news and updates get published a lot quicker. My clients only have to send me a brief outline, or a product brochure, or a link to another website to get the job done. What might have taken them a couple of hours to accomplish themselves, now takes a few minutes.

A cost-effective service that your business needs

As a business owner myself, I know the value of my time and the importance of using my skills and experience where it matters most. My copywriting service is cost-effective for your business because it frees you up to utilise your skills and experience on the things that matter most to your business. The service also ensures that your website is consistent and up to date, and that it can be found more effectively by the major search engines.

Of course this is an added expense for your business, but it's also an investment in your future, hopefully leading to increased sales and a return on that investment. Judging by the popularity of the service with my existing clients, there is value to be had in outsourcing your website copywriting.