Content Managed Websites

Drupal's built-in content management tools

Managing the content for your own website can be incredibly important to businesses who need to make regular content updates whilst keeping costs low.

Gillespies build websites using the Drupal CMS, which means that once your website has been deployed you can have access to make any content updates you wish. Drupal's built-in content management tools make it simple for anyone to add, edit or remove website content - in fact, I'm pretty sure you won't find a more comprehensive and easier to use system anywhere else on the market today.

Total control over your website content and administrators

If you're going to be writing content for your own business you'll be glad to know that Drupal has built-in spellcheckers and text formatting tools, making it much like writing a document in a word processing package.

You can easily upload images for your new page too, and Drupal will resize anything you upload to the sizes required, keeping your page looking professional and saving you a lot of time.

Include links to documents or have people comment on your page, display video.....just about anything you want to achieve can be done through this brilliant CMS.

This great content management system comes free with any Drupal website*

Buy any Drupal website from Gillespies and have complete control over your website content if you wish. Write your own blogs, release news articles, start a photo gallery....the choice is endless, and because the CMS is built into your website as standard you can rest assured that it will work first time, every time.


*Advanced user management and certain types of rich media may incur a small additional charge.