Effective promotions on your website

Regular promotions and special offers are a great way to engage your customers

Regular promotions and special offers are a great way to engage your customers and get them to start spending money.

Everybody likes a deal, and when it comes to deciding whether to buy from your business or one of your competitors, having current deals promoted on your website could make all the difference.

Deciding on what deals you are going to offer (and when you are going to offer them) requires strategy and planning. Your deals have to appeal to your customers and be beneficial to your business as well.

The many types of special offer and how you can use them

The types of special offer your business is able to promote very much depends on what you sell or the service you offer. In general there 4 main types of offer:

  • Discounts (Winter Sale, Introductory Offer, Clearance)
  • Multiples (Buy One Get One Free)
  • Freebies (Buy insurance and get a free fountain pen, Free consultation/quote)
  • Loyalty Rewards (Collect points, voucher giveaway)

So for instance, if your business is seasonal or your product range varies regularly, you might make use of sales or clearance discounts. If your business deals in consumables, then loyalty rewards should keep customers coming back. If your business is service based, offering a free quotation or complimentary gift might seal the deal.

Promotions are effective marketing tools

Marketing is all about putting your business in front of your customers, but it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and engage people directly. By offering deals you can be more direct with your message and hopefully grab the attention of someone who is considering a purchase.

Regular promotions can enliven your website and give visitors a reason to return. You can also use promotions to encourage customers to sign-up for marketing emails, which can be a highly effective way of generating sales.

When it comes to converting potential customers into actual customers, a special offer can be the deciding factor, and depending on the strategy you use for your business, it needn't involve cutting your profits.