Integrating Social Media Into Your Website

Every Drupal website developed by Gillespies has the option of integrated social media.

Social media can be a powerful tool for your business and shouldn't be ignored as a means of attracting new business and encouraging customer loyalty.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are now legitimate business tools with a marketing and networking strategy all of their own. Large corporations have teams of people whose job it is to look after the company's social media.

As a small business owner the onus is on you to set up and maintain your social media, and this is certainly a time-consuming and tricky process which needs thought and planning.


Get a head start by integrating your website with your social media

Every Drupal website developed by Gillespies has the option of integrated social media. This can be as simple as including links to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages, or as advanced as automatically tweeting any updates you make to your website. You can also feed your social media back into your website, displaying the latest tweets or Facebook posts right there on your homepage.

All of this encourages people to explore and learn more about your business, possibly even discover your business if they are part of your extended social media network. It also provides you with the opportunity to show more of your social side and keep family and friends up to date with your business offering (the very best referrals come from family and friends!).

I've been involved in many social media success stories, and many of my current clients use social media extensively to engage their customers and reach out for new business. It does require an investment of your time for long periods, but social media is here to stay and the next generation of business customers will be using it extensively.

If you're interested in having a business website that encourages and assists with a social media campaign, I'd be happy to talk over all of the options with you by telephone or email.