Searching within your website

A Drupal website from Gillespies comes with an advanced search facility as standard

Can you imagine trying to use the internet without search engines?

We've become so familiar with 'Googling' for anything and everything we want to know or purchase, that it has generally become the first step in any decision making process. We each have our favourite tools (Google, Yahoo!. Bing) and we do it on our PCs, tablets and mobile phones. We search for business and we search for pleasure and we do it all of the time.

So hopefully your future customers will search for your service or product and find your business via their favourite internet search engine. If your website is properly structured,  organised and up to date, they should be looking at the information they need right away, but sometimes that isn't the case and you have to consider that they might require a different piece of information.

Now that they're on your website you really can't expect visitors to click from page to page looking for that next piece of information, and if they can't find what they need quickly on your site, they will simply return to the search engine and you have lost your captive audience. 

Let your customers search for the information they need right on your site

Providing a prominent search tool on your website is a great way to ensure that your visitors can find the informantion they need. A Drupal website from Gillespies comes with an advanced search facility as standard making it easy for your visitors to find information in much the same way as they would on a search engine.

Your visitors can simply type in the word or phrase they want to find and a list of relevant content is displayed in order of relevance, just like the search engines, or you can opt for a more personalised search form which would be built to allow customers to search your business offering more precisely (eg. by location, price, colour).

The standard search facility is included in the price of any Drupal website from Gillespies, and a personalised search form can be developed for a small additional fee, so with Gillespies is it incredibly affordable to open up your entire website to visitors.