Free review of your existing website

Free review of your existing website

What I really want to be able to do is to help local businesses get the most from their website.

When I talk to people about their existing website, I’m often surprised at how little they know about the value it is delivering for their business or what they can expect to gain in terms of generating new business.

I believe that if you don’t know how your website is performing month on month, then it’s probably not doing much for your business at all, and could even be damaging your business by putting potential customers off. Your website is your shop window - consider having 1000 people walking past your shop window every month and not one person venturing in to buy something.... you would probably look to make some changes.

A simple review of your website can put you in the picture, making you aware of what it is, or isn’t, doing for your business. I will take a look at your website's content and performance, set-up analytics where required, and feedback to you with an informative report.

This service costs you nothing and could open your eyes to a new world of business opportunity. Most websites chronically underperform on at least one level, and if your website is one of those then you need to know about it so you can plan improvements.

To take advantage of this special offer, just give me a call on 01296 748920 / 07773489283 and we can get started straight away.