Is your website ready for the mobile revolution?

Is your website ready for the mobile revolution?

In recent months a momentous milestone was reached that went largely unnoticed by those not involved in the Internet business.

For the first time, the number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices outnumbered those who accessed on desktop computers or laptops, fuelled by lower roaming data costs and a new generation of technology savvy consumers.

The speed with which this change took place is possibly the most astounding thing of all, as only two years ago the technology was still in its infancy, and it heralds a new age in which businesses are required to interact with their customers on a completely new level.

From now on, websites are required to work efficiently on computers, tablets and mobile phones, which in almost all cases will require a newly developed website using the latest technology available. If you’re concerned that your current site will not perform well on mobile devices, or if you’re already thinking about a new website and don’t want to want to waste money on a site that might exclude a large number of potential customers, make sure you get the best advice before moving forward.

Prepare for the future with a responsive website

A modern website is one which is designed to work on all platforms and all devices. The best and most elegant solution to this problem is a responsive website - one that detects the type of device it is being viewed on and responds by intelligently displaying the website content in the best possible manner.

The Gillespies website you are on is fully responsive, so you can take a look at it on your computer and mobile phone to see the technology in action.

Having your own responsive website doesn't need be expensive either. I can offer a fantastic solution for little more than a standard website, whereas having this solution developed by a web agency might cost twice as much.

Read more about websites developed for mobiles devices, or call me to discuss how I can open up your website to the mobile revolution.