Effective Business Websites

Effective Business Websites

If you're going to invest in a new website for your business, then naturally you'll want it to be effective.

A truly effective business website is one that performs several jobs. It should increase leads, encourage sales and provide key information. It should act as a resource for your existing customers as much as raising the awareness of new customers. It should be a point of contact, a showcase of your offering, and it should be something that you are confident in showing to everybody at a moment's notice.

In order to be truly effective, a website has to almost predict why visitors are on your website at all, and then show them what they want to see.

This may seem like an impossible task, but all it requires is some solid logic, a bit of time and a small amount of investment.

Actually quantifying the effectiveness of a website isn't easy either. It's a hard thing to track unless your website generates revenue directly, but if you do all the right things you should see your business being more successful through increased sales and sales leads.

Gillespies can give you the effective website your business needs

The vast majority of web agencies will provide you with the website structure, but leave you to provide the content. Most either don't want to get involved or don't have the experience to provide content generation and copywriting as a service.

I build industry leading websites as standard, but I also work with my clients to create content that engages visitors and provides the custom your business needs. I provide this service as part  of the initial website development, and also as an ongoing arrangement, making sure that standards don't drop and that your website is all it can be.

I will spend time with you, learn about your business, and then create content that works. I can create any graphics required and also source the photography your website needs.

By developing your website with Gillespies you will have an online presence that looks great and puts your business across in the best possible light. It will be effective because it has been designed with your customers in mind, and because it reflects what your business has to offer, not just what it sells.

A partnership that continues the effectiveness

The work shouldn't stop once your new website is up and running. Continually updating and improving is the key to maintaining the effectiveness of your website and even improving it. Always remember that your visitors want to see the very latest you have to offer - they want pictures, facts and numbers if they're to be expected to make a decision.

Each of my clients benefits from having my input on a regualr monthly basis. Whether it be adding news articles, special offers or case studies, they are all assured to have the latest information available for their customers. This cost-effective arrangement also includes search engine optimisation (SEO) services and monthly analysis of how the website is performing.

I make every effort to ensure that my clients get full value for money on development and website maintenance, so if you decide to engage my services, you will see me and hear from me on a regular basis. There are no contracts and with website development starting from £1,250 and maintenance starting from £50 per month, you will be hard pressed to find a better all-round solution for your business website needs.