How Gillespies Can Help Your Business

Get a better view of your business through your website

The process of developing a new website for your business can yield much more than just the website itself.

Working with my various clients over the last few years has shown me that many of them don't really understand how much of the world has moved onto the internet, and what impact that has on how they need to conduct their business. Many small business owners view their wesbite as a static entity - as something that presents their products and services and provides contact information - but in reality it can be so much more than that.

Get a better view of your business through your website

For most businesses in the UK today, the internet is the biggest potential market by a large margin. Of course other markets shouldn't be ignored, but tapping into the potential of your online customers is essential if you want to be successful. The great thing about the web these days is that you have such a fantastic view of what those online customers are doing, all you need to do is interpret their behaviour and react accordingly.

You should already know how people are getting to your website and what they're doing once they get there - but it's also vital to be familiar with industry trends across the whole internet so you can adjust your offering. Analysing and understanding the reasons for potential customers not visiting your website is far more important than studying the ones that do.

This process actually helps you to understand your business as a whole - over a period of time you get a much better picture of your customers and marketplace, and you become more agile and proactive. As a secondary bonus you also gain a wider understanding of your competitors' businesses which helps you to judge where your business currently is and where it needs to go.

Making small steps - always in the right direction

Gillespies is here to help you understand the online presence of your business - to help you react quickly and make the changes required to generate more customers and sales through your website. Understanding more about your marketplace, and having a clear picture of how your website is performing, allows you to start making measured improvements which in turn leads to a more rounded offering for your customers.

Here are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself - this is powerful information if you have it at your fingertips:

  • What are people searching for when they come to my site?
  • How long are they staying and what pages are they looking at?
  • How can I increase visitor numbers for my main offering?
  • How can I get get more visitors through associated products or services?
  • What are my most successful competitors doing on their website and how can I get some of their visitors?
  • What's new in the industry? What might people be searching for in 6 months?
  • What products/services are people ignoring on my website and does it need to be there any more?
  • How does my website compare to the websites of my main competition?

Working through these questions, and finding the answers, will inevitably lead to more sales leads being generated through your website. Gillespies are experienced at going through this process and can help you to transform your online business over the coming months and years. Call Colin to arrange an informal meeting or to get the process started.