Responsive Websites For Mobile Devices

Responsive Websites For Mobile Devices

Responsive websites do exactly what their name suggests - they respond intelligently to the device they're being viewed on.

If you don't already have a responsive website, it's worth taking some time to look at your website on a mobile phone. Try clicking on a few links and finding your way around. Generally it's not easy, and this is because non-responsive websites simply make themselves smaller in order to fit on smaller devices.

Whereas your website is still strictly functional, it is not providing a great user experience for the huge numbers of people who now use mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the internet.

What a responsive website does that a normal website doesn't

Responsive websites are a bit smarter in that they reorganise your content as well as resize it. Because mobile devices generally have much smaller displays, they are never going to be great at showing your images and design in the best light, and because touching the screen is the primary means of interacting with a website on a mobile device, they are also not going to be great at the fiddly bits either.

People who access your website via a mobile device can be assumed to be looking for your service specifically, not just browsing the internet at random. Responsive websites are designed for this type of user, and so they prioritise the display of important information and also the means of finding it. This is normally achieved by making navigation the top priority, and superfluous content such as images a much lower priority.

You can look at this website on your mobile phone to see this process in action.

Why now is the time for you to think about updating to a responsive website

 It is already probable that a large number of your current website visitors are viewing your site via a mobile device. Across the websites of my current clients, the numbers range from 15% to 35%, which is a significant amount.

The trend is only going to increase with manufacturers and providers focussing heavily on mobile access to the internet, and so we can assume that in the near future it will be common for most websites to have as much as 50% of their visitor numbers from mobile sources, and in the not so distant future it will be much more than that.

Obviously this is an investment that all businesses should consider making in the next 24 months, and if your current website performs particularly badly on a mobile device, it is a step that should be considered sooner rather than later.

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